Fashion and accessories for the Tough Gorean Men. From High Castes Robes to ripped outlaw outfits there will be something at our store for you...even if you are a kajirus!!
Our designs are also fitted for any medieval of fantasy roleplay.

Great Opening!!! Fashion for Tough Goreans in SL

Welcome to the TOUGH! blog, were you will keep updated of all our new designs coming out at our SL Mainstore and at teh SecondLife Marketstore.

We want to bring new airs to the Gorean Men, making them outstand from the crowd as we already did with our girls brand "Delicious"

From high castes tunics to ripped mercenary matter waht your roleplay needs we will bring it out for you. Be a real gorean, be TOUGH! and let the gurls dream of becomming your slave ;)

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