Fashion and accessories for the Tough Gorean Men. From High Castes Robes to ripped outlaw outfits there will be something at our store for you...even if you are a kajirus!!
Our designs are also fitted for any medieval of fantasy roleplay.

The Pirate: Jack

This TOUGH! man has sailed the seven seas...but he still wants more :) A classical outfit with everything you might need to play your pirate: 3 different head addornments (hat with hair, hat without hair and just a forehead band) you even get the eye-patch and the wooden leg!! Available in tho different colours..the only missing this is the parrot on his shoulder XD

The working Kajirus: Sauda

Sauda is a pure hardworking kajirus like most are in the real Gor...the toughest jobs are always his...not surprised that his muscles grow sooo big ;)

The Low Caste: Krito

A rep cloth tunic for the gorean low caste man, can be worn alone, with the black leather pants or without the skirt, just using the pants and belt. Boots are included and is featured in four different tones: grey, brown, grenish and redish.

The Merchant & The Slaver

Due tothe importance and profused played roles of merchants and slavers all over the gorean scene , we decided to have them done special as short tunics along with the high castes short robes. All accessories seen on picture are included.

The Warrior & the Ubar: Tymk

This short tunics in vibrant colours are also available for Scribes in blue and for Physicians in green. The warrior and the Ubar include the helmet and all four come with bracers, cloak and sandals.

Gift Certificates...a Great Gift!!

You can buy anything for a friend just by paying the box and choose to deliver it to "other" but if you want to surprise your Master or your friends and let them choose their own present, a Gift Certificate is a great option for you, available for 300, 600 or 1000 linden at our Main Store

The pleasure Kajirus: Jason

Oh OH..get your whips ready...he is too hot to handle!!

The Fighting Slave: Hoar

He might be on his knees, but he has not lost his spirit, ready to combat in the arena at any time and to make his Master or Mistress rich ;) Four colours available. (Cuffs are unscripted)


Sandals for your robes..of course there are more colours available )


More models and colours at our shop.

Helmets: Achilles

Pass by the shop to see the other four helmets we offer so far, in gold, silver, brass and iron, choose the one for you

The Tough Guy: Hades

He could be many things..but surely none good ;) A hard to get bandit..a fierce merc or even the boss of a group of outlaws. Dressed in leather and furs. Shoulder cloaks are independent from eahc other allowing you to use both or just one at a time. Matal parched boots included!

The Mercenary: Tesko

A full leather outfit in two colours: black and blood. Can be worn just with leather pants or with its long leather kilt, as usual, boots with metal adornments are included.

The High Castes: Sax

A perfect robe for High Caste goreans, comes in two different versions a more elegant desing with long skirt and a working robe with short skirt. You pay once and you get twopairs of everything. Sandals are included in the outfit and you have it in red, blue, green and yellow.

The forrest lurker: Syrdon

Perfect outfit for a hunter or an outlaw who lives deep in the forrests, all accessories included as with any of our designs. Even the fringed leather boots!! comes in four colours: brown, black, greenish and dark red.

Great Opening!!! Fashion for Tough Goreans in SL

Welcome to the TOUGH! blog, were you will keep updated of all our new designs coming out at our SL Mainstore and at teh SecondLife Marketstore.

We want to bring new airs to the Gorean Men, making them outstand from the crowd as we already did with our girls brand "Delicious"

From high castes tunics to ripped mercenary matter waht your roleplay needs we will bring it out for you. Be a real gorean, be TOUGH! and let the gurls dream of becomming your slave ;)