Fashion and accessories for the Tough Gorean Men. From High Castes Robes to ripped outlaw outfits there will be something at our store for you...even if you are a kajirus!!
Our designs are also fitted for any medieval of fantasy roleplay.

The Berserker: Nearco

He has no fear...he is dangerous...he is ready to fight and hunt anything and anyone...he's a Berserker. Only available in black, all accessories included!!

The Jarl: HAKON

Be the tough Master of the North with this outfit available in grey and brown.


We are very happy to celebrate our first year with you :). Opening a shop for men was kind of an adventure for the both of us and we are very thankful for the great welcome we got. In just one running year the brand has find its place in the market and is a great sister shop of our female brand "Delicious".

As a little thank you, we have decided to gift all our group members with the outfit shown above. The Hakon Grey is available at our Main Store until the end of november, after that, it will be for sale at its regular price along with other colours.

Take a minute to visit us in world and get yours now ;) Note that our Main Store has moved this month, check past notices to get the new Landmark, or follow the links on our profiles.

Dely Breen & Leire Writer

SERGEI: The adventurer

Ready for the winter season, Sergei wears a woolen coat and a cloak, he travels light, looking for adventures. All accessories included.

The allround Master: Dario

A bvery versatil option, depending of the colour you choose, really nicely finished textures and accessories. You will look stunning ;)

Zash, the Mercenary

This is an unique outfit, so far, only comes in black..allthough we have been requested to release a version in brown which we are considering ;) If oy wanna play it rough and be a bad guy out there..this is your design!

Rober, a classical..must have it!

This guys is a classic, nicely finished textures, and available for the main castes (red, blue, green) aswell as in the two colours that anyone could wear: brown and black. Comes with roman-style sandals. And, as usual, at our 300L low price ;)

Steam inspiration: Aulus

This is a very versatil outfit, can be worn by a hunter, a captain, even a magistrate, its elegant and comfortable, with cared detailed textures and prim accessories. Get it in one of the for colours available: dark blue, green, brown and dark grey, with 2 pants and 2 shirt options each of them to wear it single-coloured or in 2 shades.

The Bandit: Fenix

This mischivious fellow lurks through the darkest streets in every gorean town, he, like a mercenary, only is interested in gold. Comes completely accessorised with bracelets, belt, gloves, chest straps and high-leged fur boots. You ca choose between 4 colours: black, brown, grey and wine.

The Blacksmith: Tom

A unique outfit, specific for the job, he's got his tools and his hands protected for his tough work, wear it with or without shirt, a dirt layer is included cause..let's face it, he's too close to the forge to be clean most of the time ;)

The Samos Series: High Caste or Low Caste

As in every of our outfits all accessories are included, boots, belt, hand protector, cloak. Trench coat can be worn with or without undershirt. Comes in four colours; green, brown, blue and red.

The All-Round Outfit: Terek

Anyone can use this outfit, an assasin, a mercenary, a low cast, or even a high caste on certain moments, its fine textures, rich and elegant can cope with the finest tastes, but its plain design meets also othe kinds of rol play. It comes in four colours, but with each of them you get two outfits almost, two trousers , two kilts and two pair of boots allow you to have a differente look very easily.

Dagonet: Most played castes

Available in the four colours of the main castes played in gor sl plus the merchant and the slaver. Comes with cloak and boots and two kilt options, long and closed or short and open. A basic tunic with trousers for your roleplay.

The Assasin: Flecha, Black Caste of Gor 1

Be aware when you see him coming, allthough if it is you he is seeking will most likely not see him coming at all ;)