Fashion and accessories for the Tough Gorean Men. From High Castes Robes to ripped outlaw outfits there will be something at our store for you...even if you are a kajirus!!
Our designs are also fitted for any medieval of fantasy roleplay.

Steam inspiration: Aulus

This is a very versatil outfit, can be worn by a hunter, a captain, even a magistrate, its elegant and comfortable, with cared detailed textures and prim accessories. Get it in one of the for colours available: dark blue, green, brown and dark grey, with 2 pants and 2 shirt options each of them to wear it single-coloured or in 2 shades.

The Bandit: Fenix

This mischivious fellow lurks through the darkest streets in every gorean town, he, like a mercenary, only is interested in gold. Comes completely accessorised with bracelets, belt, gloves, chest straps and high-leged fur boots. You ca choose between 4 colours: black, brown, grey and wine.

The Blacksmith: Tom

A unique outfit, specific for the job, he's got his tools and his hands protected for his tough work, wear it with or without shirt, a dirt layer is included cause..let's face it, he's too close to the forge to be clean most of the time ;)

The Samos Series: High Caste or Low Caste

As in every of our outfits all accessories are included, boots, belt, hand protector, cloak. Trench coat can be worn with or without undershirt. Comes in four colours; green, brown, blue and red.